Tired of Trivia Quizzes?    Not crazy about Crossword Puzzles??
Frustrated by "Free Games" that aren't???
Then welcome to Majority Says!!!

Hello, and Welcome to...

It's easy to play Majority Says !!!
All you have to do is guess which answer
the Majority gave on our daily survey of
Weird, Wild, Wacky, and Wonderful questions.

We have a totally different survey with NEW questions

And after you've played today's game, you can play again
with ALL DIFFERENT QUESTIONS!   We've polled over
98,180 different questions, so we won't run out!

And when you're done, why don't you make
YOUR OWN opinions count by taking TOMORROW'S survey!

Our scoring system rewards
you more for guessing the
harder questions. We do
this by giving you one point
for every percent that was
in the MINORITY.

So, a tough question that
splits 51%-to-49% would
award you 49 points. But an
easy question that splits
96%-to-4% would only be
worth 4 points.

And since you have nothing
to lose for a wrong answer,
make a guess at every
question -- who knows,
you could be right!

So now it's your chance to play...
Since you're our next contestant,
please tell us a little about yourself...

What is your Name?
(Nicknames or User Names are OK,
but since this may be displayed in the
Rankings List, nothing offensive, please.)

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